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cat: places paw tentatively on boob
me: please–
cat: presses paw down on boob
me: don’t–
cat: slowly, agonizingly walks across boobs

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Deleted scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [x]

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Yes, ofc I saw some similarities before, but I never really thought much about the fact that Rupert Friend is as close to an Orlando Bloom clone as anyone could be and it hit me tonight while watching Homeland. Just. Google. And then tell me I’m wrong.

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Buffyverse Appreciation ϟ Glory

I look around at this world you’re so eager to be a part of, and all I see is six-billion lunatics looking for the fastest ride out. Who’s not crazy? Look around. Everyone’s drinking, smoking, shooting up, shooting each other, or just plain screwing their brains out ‘cause they don’t want ‘em anymore. I’m crazy? Honey, I’m the original one-eyed chicklet in the kingdom of the blind. ‘Cause at least I admit the world makes me nuts.

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what happened 

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9-11/50 edits of Orlando Bloom

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don’t date someone you wouldn’t have a harry potter movie marathon with

That’s nearly 24 hours. I wouldn’t do that with anyone

…the weak are already weeding themselves out…

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Snowpiercer (2013)

Have you ever been alone on this train? / When was the last time you were alone?


Snowpiercer (2013)

Have you ever been alone on this train? / When was the last time you were alone?
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the engine is eternal

we go forward


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"Fifteen hundred people went into the sea when Titanic sank from under us. There were twenty boats floating nearby, and only one came back. One. Six were saved from the water, myself included. Six, out of fifteen hundred. Afterward, the seven hundred people left in the boats had nothing to do but wait… wait to die, wait to live, wait for an absolution, which would never come."

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Ulyana Sergeenko Spring/Summer RTW 2012

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  • reading smut in english: nice
  • reading smut in your native language: oh god... that's... that's actually really gross... you can't say that
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